Length: 30 cm
Width: 30cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm 2 levels
Material: Polypropylene class A
Texture: Yes
Duro : 80
Static load 200 Psi
UV and Antimicrobial treatment: YES
Internal expansion: YES. X-PAND system 
Attachment : X-Lock system with incorporated expansion-retraction eliminating tiles movements. 
Membrane : Comfort-X, EPDM
Origin : Quebec , ISO 9001
Guarantee : 10 years
Recyclable : Yes, Class 5
ASTM F2772  
Shock absorption: Class 1
Vertical deformation: Class 1
Slip resistance: Class 1
Vertical ball rebound: Class 1

The DEK-X modular system is designed for indoor or outdoor use and available in several colors with textured finish. Easy to assemble and can be easily removed, allowing greater flexibility during installation.